Want to lose weight? Tried everything else?

Lose weight and keep it off with personalized weight release hypnosis! The Weight Release Jump-Start Package includes one 3-4 hour session and multiple recordings for ongoing support from home!

The bottom line is that overeating and obesity are dangerous to your health. Using food as fuel as a healthy sensible eater is exactly what you were designed for! It's time to have a healthy sensible relationship with food so that you can live free and in control of your life. Everything is better when you are healthy and in control. You deserve it!

The weight release jump-start session was amazing! I had one 3.5 hour session and three take home recordings and in 4 weeks I’ve already lost 24 pounds and I’m still going strong. You saved my life Dr. Jennifer. I had tried everything else. Your treatment is the only thing that has ever worked for me- this is so EASY and natural
— -Mary's review... *individual results may vary from person to person

What You should know

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